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Write beautiful Python code

The “Pydon'ts – Write beautiful Python code” book is a compilation of all the “Pydon't” articles available here. The book will guide you through the core Python language, showing you how to use every single feature to write better, more elegant Python programs.

Each chapter of the book guides you through a specific feature of the Python language, teaching you how to use it and then showing you good example usages of that feature with examples of real Python code: some times you even get to dive into the code that implements the Python Standard Library.

This book is for beginners and advanced users alike, as it covers a wide range of Python features, so everyone has something to learn from the contents of this book.

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[The book] seems to be extremely well put together, unlike some other books on Python I've read recently. It's a good book. I like how to the point it is.” ― Tanner S., USA.

First of all, thank you thank you and thank you again for a beautiful ebook with such amazing content. If you're a beginner or a more experienced pythonista, pydon'ts will still achieve its purpose. Beautifully designed and explained! Definitely worth the reading. I'm reading it once more in a year or so!” ― Alonso, Mexico.