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Let me show you a real life example of what recursion is and how it works.

Here are some numbers on the size of Python and everything you can learn.

This article explains why you should use isinstance instead of type and its relationship to Python duck typing.

Learn how strings are ordered and compared in Python.

Let me show you how to do function composition through operator overloading, and other cool tricks!

Join me as we explore what happens when you keep appending to a list you are going over in a for loop.

Let me tell you why it is always 100% unnecessary to use a full slice [:] with a string in Python.

This thread talks about slicing syntax and the full slice [:] for copying.

This thread goes over a possible Python implementation for the look-and-say sequence.

Learn how to format dates/times with f-strings and %-format specifiers.

What does the Zen of Python 🐍 mean by “Explicit is better than implicit.”?

What does the Zen of Python 🐍 mean by “Beautiful is better than ugly”?

All the references and links regarding my PyCon Sri Lanka 2022 talk.

A cautionary tale of why you should use virtual environments in Python.

An introductory example to itertools.starmap and an explanation of why it is called “starmap”.

All the references and links regarding my PyCascades 2022 talk.

A couple of analogies I use when thinking about recursion.

A comparison of many possible Python implementations of the sign function.