All the references and links regarding my PyCon Sri Lanka 2022 talk.

Yesterday I gave a Python 🐍 talk at @pyconlk and the YouTube recording is out 🎉📹

I thought that, as I give more talks, I would improve...

Well, this time, I was muted for the first 30s 🤣

Here is the video, and the links I mention during the talk 👇

I published a blog post with a written version of this talk.

It's great if you want to play around with the code examples, or even read a bonus section that I didn't have time to mention during the live talk!

Many of the things I talked about, during the talk, are covered in my free ebook “Pydon'ts”, that you can get here 👉

If you want individual links to the articles I mentioned, here they go:


And the Twitter thread that inspired the talk:

In this talk, I reimplemented a built-in.

I started with an incomplete solution, then fixed it and improved it bit by bit.

After watching the talk, you will have a better understanding of

  • iterables
  • (infinite!) lazy generators
  • and more!

I hope you enjoy it!

Espero que tenhas aprendido algo novo! Se sim, considera seguir as pisadas dos leitores que me pagaram uma fatia de pizza 🍕. O teu pequeno contributo ajuda-me a manter este projeto grátis e livre de anúncios aborrecidos.

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