Explore biology problems with the power of computers.

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This workshop has the purpose of helping the participants explore problems in the area of bioinformatics, which are typically biology problems that are tackled with the power of computers.


A session consists of tackling, as a group, a pre-selected series of problems from sources such as Rosalind. Problems can be picked in such a way that they fall into a more specific subset of bioinformatics. For example, for the course whose poster I include below, the problems selected were all related to DNA (problems SUBS, CONS, PROB, KMP, and LCSM).

“Is Python in your DNA” workshop session poster.

In my opinion, this workshop becomes really interesting if we use APL as the programming language in which we solve the problems, but the workshop can be led in any programming language. In the “Is Python in your DNA?” session we used Python.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below in the comments, or email me if you prefer!


Here is what some people said were the nice things of this workshop:

Learning new things and applying Python to my area of studies.” – Marta S.

I liked a lot how you really simplified the concepts and had patience for all the questions.” – Anonymous.

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