Programming with maths

What if you could program with maths..?

An APL expression to compute the golden ratio


This workshop sets out to explore an alternative mathematical notation that is less ambiguous than the traditional mathematical notation we used nowadays. In fact, this alternative notation is so unambiguous that it evolved into a programming language.


A session consists of a brief exploration of some of APL's capabilities, typically showcasing its affinity for mathematics and its array-oriented programming paradigm.

Depending on the background of the audience, this exploration can take several forms. For a more maths oriented audience, we might draw the Mandelbrot set together. For an audience that is not necessarily as fond of mathematics as I am, we might instead see how we can justify text in APL.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below in the comments, or email me if you prefer!


Here's some of the things that have been said about this workshop:

I had never heard about APL and even though it was quite short, it was very enlightening. I will certainly research more about the language, especially because it looked intuitive and "simpler" than what I expected.” – Inês T

It was really interesting, and even though it was short we learned a lot in a fun way.” – Anonymous

Past sessions

  • APL Seeds '21, an APL user meeting aimed at beginners, on the 31st of March of 2021.
  • National (Portuguese) meetup of mathematics students, ENEMath²¹, on the 27th of March of 2021.

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