Introduction to LaTeX


The aim of this workshop is to introduce people to typesetting with LaTeX. LaTeX is a system that allows one to write some commands that are then rendered as formulas.

As an example, $x^2$ gets rendered as \(x^2\). In a mathematics course it turns out to be very helpful to know how to use LaTeX decently. The workshop just gives an overview of the type of things that can be done and that we, as maths students, eventually need to use.

Additional resources

Besides sharing a complete template with everything we cover in the workshop (and more!), I always point the students to these really helpful resources:

  • the TeX Paste tool, that allows you to create permanent links to formulas to share easily;
  • the Overleaf website, where one can create LaTeX documents online and edit them collaboratively and online;
  • the latex.stackexchange website, where I search for how to do X or Y, whenever I want to do something that is not immediately obvious;
  • the codecogs site, where one can typeset formulas and check if the result is making any sense. It also has a nice palette of frequently-used symbols, so that we don't have to type them out;
  • the detexify website, very helpful when you know how to draw a symbol but don't know its name;
  • this website that makes it easier to create table.