Building Bridges Between Mathematics and Programming

The mathspp blog started as a way to share my side projects with people. Not because I thought a lot of people would care about those side projects, but because I wanted to be able to share them with whomever showed interest. Soon after starting, my love for mathematics and science communication took over and I started writing about a lot of other things other than programming projects I made.

Nowadays this site, and the blog, are all about me trying to share my passion for mathematics and programming, and also show that mathematics and programming complement each other nicely.

Did you know that “mathspp” is a word play on the two main subjects of interest of this site? “pp” is a reference to C++, alluding to programming, and the “pp” appended to “maths” can also be interpreted as my attempt to make mathematics more interesting by complementing it with programming.

The Author

A picture of my face.

My name is Rodrigo Girão Serrão, I am from Portugal and I am a mathemagician and a programmer. I studied mathematics at the university level and whenever I was given the opportunity to choose, I tried to stay close to programming, focusing my studies on applied mathematics, numerical methods, and related areas.

I like to spend my time with the people I love, I like to teach and share knowledge, read fantasy and technical books, write code and watch silly comedy movies.


You can drop me a line by clicking the @ at the bottom of the page, which opens a window for you to send an email to rodrigo (at) mathspp (dot) com. Feel free to drop me a line with ideas, comments, feedback, praises and criticism!

Show Your Appreciation

If you are reading this, thank you so much. If you would like to support the mathspp project, one of the nicest things you could do is write me an email to let me know you have been enjoying my work. I am only human, and knowing that there are people that read (and enjoy) what I write helps me stay motivated. You can also share this website with your friends, colleagues, communities you are a part of, so that it reaches more people who want to learn mathematics and programming.

Finally, if you believe in the quality and importance of this project, and/or if you would like to make a material contribution to help support the costs of running this project, you can consider buying me a slice of pizza, or maybe supporting me on Patreon for a recurring contribution that also awards you some benefits.

The Technologies Used

The website is powered by grav and the content is mostly written in Markdown syntax. I also use some HTML/CSS/JavaScript to further customise some behaviour.


The fonts were taken from Google Fonts, the headings use the Chewy font family, and the text uses Miriam Libre.

Images and Icons

I take many free images from the Unsplash and Free Images websites. You should be able to see the image credit if you hover it; if you don't, let me know: I probably placed it by mistake as the alternative text for the image.

Scattered throughout the website you can also find some neat icons, those are from the free version of Font Awesome.

Sometimes I do minor editing (online, in-browser) at Lunapic and I often build GIFs at ezgif. For editing that is even simpler, I also use powerful tools like MS Paint. I also create some graphical content with Canva.