A corner of the internet dedicated to maths and programming.

The purpose

I started the mathspp blog as a way to share my side projects with people. Not because I thought a lot of people would care about those side projects, but because I wanted to be able to share them with whomever showed interest. Soon after starting it out my love for mathematics and science communication took over and I started writing about a lot of other things other than programming projects I made...

Now this site and its blog are all about me trying to share my passion for mathematics and programming and me trying to show that those two things are:

  1. not subjects for Gods...
  2. complementary...
  3. and quite enjoyable!

The name

mathspp is supposed to be a play on the scope of the material in this website. Maths clearly refers to mathematics and the ++ is a reference to programming. The domain is because the p stands for plus; this is also similar to what happens in the world of programming, as can be seen by the .cpp extension of C++ files, for example.

The people

All the content in the mathspp website is brought to you by Rodrigo Girão Serrão unless explicitly stated. The server side of things is handled by my friend Pineman who is incredibly helpful, generous and patient with me (Thanks!).

The technologies

The website is powered by grav and the content is mostly written in Markdown syntax with a bit of HTML/CSS/JavaScript here and there.


Headers: Chewy

Paragraphs: Miriam Libre


The images are mostly from the and websites.

The minor editing I perform on images or other graphical objects is mostly done over at and whenever I make a GIF out of a set of images I use

All the diagrams, schemes, sketches and graphical elements I compose myself are more often than not done with very advanced tools like MS Paint and MS Power Point.


The icons used over at the workshops page are from Font Awesome.