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In this opinion piece the author expresses his views on what makes a good (Python) tutorial and how that differs from a long talk.

Explore what Python could look like if we got rid of all of its synthatic sugar.

Explore unusual Python features to solve the problem of determining whether an expression is properly parenthesised.

This article shares some of the lessons I learned from working full-time on a FOSS project for 503 days.

How can you find the longest substring that contains only unique characters?

Today I learned how to use the function operator.methodcaller.

Today I learned how to use the dunder method __init_subclass__ to be notified when a class is subclassed.

Today I learned how to issue user warnings like DeprecationWarnings or SyntaxWarnings.

This tutorial shows how to use a simple genetic algorithm to deduce physics formulas.

How can you find the biggest free square in a 2D map with obstacles?

This article shows how to solve the N queens problem in 20 lines of code.

Yesterday I spent the whole day tryint to patch a module global. This is what I ended up with.

This tutorial teaches how to work with the Python data structure collections.deque and provides 7 example use cases.

When will these two clocks synchronise again?

Learn how to find text patterns and replace them with dynamic content using regex.

This article shows how to do base conversions in Python with the built-in int, how to write integer literals in other bases, and how to do base conversions in general.

The built-in function max in Python is broken and this article explains why, drawing parallels with other programming and mathematics concepts.

This article teaches you how to use functools.partial, how it works, and when to use it, with clear examples.

How can an infinite number of mathematicians figure out their own hat colours?

This tutorial uses Pokémon to introduce readers to data science with pandas and matplotlib.