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This article shows how to use the Python built-in divmod for unit conversions.

This article shows you how to overload the arithmetic operators in Python with dunder methods.

Today I learned about the math.nextafter method.

Today I learned how to do ceiling division in Python just with //.

Can you solve this simple-looking arithmetic challenge?

The 24 Game is a well-known maths game that is played with kids in school to help them master the four basic arithmetic operations. In this blog post we will study the game in depth.

Today we are visiting a specific instance of a well-known basic mathematics game, the 24 Game. The "24 Game" is usually played with younger students because it helps them develop skills related to the basic arithmetic operations.

Let's prove that there are two irrational numbers, call them \(a\) and \(b\), such that \(a^b\) is a rational number! And let's do it in a tweet.