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Today I learned how to create app notifications in Textual.

Today I learned about context variables from the module contextvars and how to use them.

Learn some of the most common and useful features of the pathlib module that allows you to manipulate files and directories.

Today I learned about the piece table data structure.

Learning programming in APL taught me many new things about Python and this article is an account of that.

Today I learned how to use Hypothesis to do confident code refactoring.

Today I learned about the Damerau-Levenshtein distance used on strings in the field of genetics.

This article shows you how to overload the arithmetic operators in Python with dunder methods.

ALL Python functions return something and this article explains how and why.

Today I learned that indentation in Python can be quite crazy.

Today I learned how to customise the Python REPL on start-up.

Today I learned how to read the bytecode from a file of compiled Python bytecode (.pyc).

Today I learned about the generator method close.

Today I learned how to write and run tests in the Rust programming language.

Today I learned that generators support membership testing with the operator in.

This tutorial will introduce beginners to the many features that Textual offers to build elegant and lightweight TUIs.

Today I learned how to create an alias to activate my Python virtual environments with a single-word command.

Today I learned how to use VS Code's sticky scroll feature.

Today I learned what open recursion is and how to leverage it.

Descriptors are not black magic and this article will show you that. In fact, you use descriptors every day and you don't even know it.