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Learn how to find text patterns and replace them with dynamic content using regex.

This article shows how to do base conversions in Python with the built-in int, how to write integer literals in other bases, and how to do base conversions in general.

The built-in function max in Python is broken and this article explains why, drawing parallels with other programming and mathematics concepts.

This article teaches you how to use functools.partial, how it works, and when to use it, with clear examples.

How can an infinite number of mathematicians figure out their own hat colours?

This tutorial uses Pokémon to introduce readers to data science with pandas and matplotlib.

In this article I explore a common code smell related to conditionals and Boolean values and show how to fix it.

This article shows how to use the Python built-in divmod for unit conversions.

This article explains what *args means in Python and how to use it in your own functions.

In the 9th part of this series of building a Python compiler and interpreter we will add support for Boolean operators and Boolean short-circuiting.

This article explains why a user would need to use enums in their code and shows how to do it with a simple example.

This article shows 5 ways of flattening a list of lists, ranked from worst to best.

Today I learned how to automatically delete local git branches that have been merged already.

This article shows how I made a secret Santa draw with Python.

A conversation between Rodrigo Girão Serrão and Stephen Gruppetta on analogies in programming.

This article lists the best 2023 Black Friday deals for Python developers.

In the 8th part of this series of building a Python compiler and interpreter we will add support for Boolean literals and Boolean operators.

Today I learned how many soft keywords Python has and what they are.

Today I learned that the underscore _ is a soft keyword in Python.

Let us implement a calculator in ONE line of code.