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Today I learned that you can run custom Python code when Python starts-up, before running other scripts or programs.

In this tutorial series we will build a Python compiler and interpreter from scratch. We start with simple arithmetic expressions.

Learn how batched from the module itertools works, example use cases, and how to implement it.

Today I learned that Python and other programming languages have negative zero, -0.0.

Today I learned about the Python 3.12 type statement you can use to create type aliases.

This explains how I added stats to my blog page.

Today I learned how to create a sentinel value to use as a default argument in a way that respects Python typing.

Create a zooming animation from first principles in Python. In 5 minutes. Kind of.

Create animations from first principles and morph between different figures with Python. In 5 minutes. Kind of.

Today I learned that the largest file ever published to PyPI has 20 MILLION lines of code.

Today I learned how to find the commits that affected a specific file with git log.

Today I learned how to draw a Bézier curve with the De Casteljau's algorithm.

Today I learned how to create app notifications in Textual.

Today I learned about context variables from the module contextvars and how to use them.

Learn some of the most common and useful features of the pathlib module that allows you to manipulate files and directories.

Today I learned about the piece table data structure.

Learning programming in APL taught me many new things about Python and this article is an account of that.

Today I learned how to use Hypothesis to do confident code refactoring.

Today I learned about the Damerau-Levenshtein distance used on strings in the field of genetics.

This article shows you how to overload the arithmetic operators in Python with dunder methods.