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This article shows how to solve the N queens problem in 20 lines of code.

How can an infinite number of mathematicians figure out their own hat colours?

Can you prove that there are arbitrarily many primes in arbitrarily big intervals?

Can you align all of the coins on the right edge of the board?

Three mathematicians discuss a beautiful flower garden and the coloured flowers within.

Two realtors discuss who's netting the award for highest average commission, but it isn't clear who the winner is...

How can you swap the coloured pegs if they can only march forward?

Please help me identify these 100 light bulbs by turning ON and OFF their switches.

Join me in solving the word game Wordle in (Dyalog) APL.

We discuss the look-and-say sequence, its behaviour, variations of it, and a Python implementation.

Today I learned that the length of the terms of the β€œlook-and-say” sequence has a well-defined growth rate.

25 horses racing, and you have to find out the fastest ones!

Can you find the fake ball by weighing it?

In this article we try to crack Wordle, a variation of mastermind played with (English) words.

Can you help these kids trick or treat their entire neighbourhood in this Halloween special?

How can two doctors operate two patients with only two pairs of latex gloves?!

Figure out the number I'm thinking of with a single question!

Can you solve this simple-looking arithmetic challenge?

If I scramble a Rubik's cube for long enough, will it solve itself?

Can you solve this little minesweeper puzzle?