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Today I learned about multi-channel transposed convolutions.

In this article we reimplement the built-in enumerate in the best way possible.

Today I learned about the transposed convolution transformation in CNNs.

How many matches does it take to find the winner of a tennis tournament?

Today I learned about t-SNE for dimensionality reduction.

Today I understood how the viewBox of SVGs really works.

Today I learned about Simpson's paradox in statistics.

Today I learned that True is equal to 1 and False is equal to 0.

25 horses racing, and you have to find out the fastest ones!

The Zen of Python says “there should be one -- and preferably only one -- obvious way to do it”, but what if there's a dozen obvious ways to do it?

Today I learned how to disassemble Python code with the module dis.

Today I learned how to use the package rich by Will McGugan.