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Using ASCII characters we can create a simple rain animation in the terminal.

Create a zooming animation from first principles in Python. In 5 minutes. Kind of.

Create animations from first principles and morph between different figures with Python. In 5 minutes. Kind of.

Today I learned how to draw a Bézier curve with the De Casteljau's algorithm.

Today I learned about t-SNE for dimensionality reduction.

The 24 Game is a well-known maths game that is played with kids in school to help them master the four basic arithmetic operations. In this blog post we will study the game in depth.

I have always loved solving mazes... so naturally I had to write a program to solve mazes for me!

Here's how I like to solve my equations: just walk around randomly until I trip over a solution!

Think of a drunk man that continuously tumbles left and right, back and forth, with no final destination.

The filled Julia set is a really cool fractal that kind of resembles the Mandelbrot set!

I have always liked the concept of fractal. They are very beautiful, they have a notion of infinity embedded in them, and they make no sense (seriously though, self-similarity?). How could they not be loved?