TIL (Today I Learned)

The TIL series of articles contains very short articles documenting something I learned “today”.

Today I learned how to draw a Bézier curve with the De Casteljau's algorithm.

Today I learned what precision Python floats have.

Today I (re)learned Heron's formula to compute the area of a triangle from its three sides.

Today I learned that the length of the terms of the “look-and-say” sequence has a well-defined growth rate.

Today I learned about multi-channel transposed convolutions.

Today I learned about the transposed convolution transformation in CNNs.

Today I learned about t-SNE for dimensionality reduction.

Today I learned about Simpson's paradox in statistics.

Today I learned about Spouge's formula to approximate the factorial.

Today I learned about the symmetry in indexing from the beginning and end of a list with the bitwise invert operator.

Today I learned about the DARPA network challenge and the power of referral systems.

Today I learned that Python 3.5+ supports the operator @ for matrix multiplication.

Today I learned about the math.nextafter method.

Today I learned how to do ceiling division in Python just with //.